Generic Name Brand Name    Therapeutic
  Therapeutic Sub   category
Albendazole oral suspension USP
400mg /10ml
Aluright Anthelminitics Anti worm
Albendazole tablets 400 mg Aluright Anthelminitics Anti worm
Pyrantel Paroate tablets USP 125 MG Pyrantel Pomoate
tablets USP 125 mg
Anthelminitics Anti worm
Isotretinoin capsules 10/20 mg Acneright 10/20 Anti ACNE Anti Acne
Micronised Purified flavonoid fraction tablets Venoright Anti Hameorroidal Anti Hameorroidal
Sildenafil citrate tablets 50/100 mg Integra - 50/100 Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction
Penicillamine capsules 250 mg Penicillamine capsules 250 mg Hepatobilary Drugs Hepoto bilary
Ursodiol capsules USP 250 /300 mg Ursoright-250/300 Hepatobilary Drugs Hepoto bilary
Defriprone capsules 500 mg Defriright Iron Chelating
Iron Chelating
Calcium carbonate tablets USP Bonfit Nephrology Calcium supplement
Iron sucrose injection Sucright Nephrology Iron supplementation
Calcium Polystyrene sulfonate for
Calcium Polystyrene Sulfonate for suspension Nephrology Pottasium binder
Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate for
suepnsion USP
Sodium Polystyrene sulfonate for
suspension USP
Nephrology Pottasium binder
Sevelamer carbonate tablets 400/800 mg Naltright Opioid Antagonist Phosphate binder
Naltrexone Hydrochloride tablets USP 50 mg Sevelaright 400/800 Phosphate binders Opioid antagonist
Progesterone capsules 100/200 mg Rigestan 100/200 Steroid and
Harmone replacement
Levothyroxine tablets 25/50/100 mcg Thyroright 25/50/100 Thyroid and
Antithyroid drugs
Anti Thyroid
Carbimazole tablets BP 5 mg Carbimazole tablets BP 5 mg Thyroid and
Antithyroid drugs
Hypo thyroidism